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Darth Maul in the Movies!

We offer these visual treats for your enjoyment. Included are movies and movie trailers from The Phantom Menace as well as from fan-films. We also offer links to those fan films that are not specifically about Maul, though he makes an appearance in them. Short reviews will be added as well. Enjoy!

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Lucasfilm Video Releases

The Phantom Menace Trailers:
The Phantom Menace Poster

Teaser Trailer: The shorter of the two trailers, it was also released first.
(Available for Download from - 15.0 Mb)

Phantom Menace Trailer: This trailer is 2:30 in length and has only a few good shots of Maul.... *sigh* but it is still fun to watch, especially looking for those scenes that didn’t make it into the final movie!
(Aavailable for Download from - 24.8 Mb)

Tone Poems:

“One Truth” The television commercial for The Phantom Menace featuring Darth Maul with his "Fear" poem. ( - 4.2Mb)

“One Destiny” Tone commercial for The Phantom Menace about Qui-Gon Jinn. Nice shots with Maul in it though. ( - 3.91 Mb)

TPM on Video and DVD:

TPM the DVD ReleaseOne Master - One Apprentice Focus on the Jedi and Sith. ( - 4.3 Mb)

One Race - One Adventure Focus on Annakin and the Race. ( - 4.5 Mb)

DVD Television Advertisement (Available for download and viewing at TheForce.Net - Warning: 31 Mb)

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