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Here is our collection of miscellaneous Maul goodies - jigsaws, fonts, animated gifs, wallpapers and other fun stuff. Enjoy!

To download: PC: Right click on the link, and when asked to save, tell your browser where to place the file. Mac: Cntrl Click to download.


Maul Jigsaw Puzzles

We have a small but desirable selection of Maul jigsaws, which you can use on your Windows computer to while away those tedious hours. Some are hard, (like Maul) some are not so hard. All are made from the nicest pictures. The games are very intuitive, and there is a 'Help' feature. Just click onto the picture or the link to download the file.

(Sorry - Not available for Mac users unless you have a Windows emulation)

This is how you do it!
ScottMaul and Ray Park D*C 2003
Come, bedeck the Mauls with holly...

Darth Maul Jigsaw 1 Darth Maul Jigsaw 2
403 Kb 422 Kb
Darth Maul Jigsaw 3 Darth Maul Jigsaw 4
404 Kb 384 Kb

The software used to make these jigsaws
is available from David Gray Design Associates.

Animated GifsAngry Maul (small)



See our Fan-Art Section for fan-made Wallpapers!

DarkHorse Comics has released several Desktop Wallpapers featuring Darth Maul from their comic book series - previews shown below. Visit their DesktTops Page to download the correct size and format for your computer:

Dark Horse Comics Screensaver 1 Dark Horse Comics Screensaver 2
Dark Horse Comics Screensaver 3 Star Wars Tales Wallpaper

The Eyes Have It: Darth Maul also has a Maul wallpaper - as part of their "The Eyes Have It" series.

Shadow Hunter Wallpaper from Random HouseRandom House Books has a nice little website promoting the Darth Maul Novel "Shadow Hunter" by Michael Reaves. On the Bonus Material page you can download their screensaver, wallpaper and a Quicktime version of the commercial for the book.


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