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ScottMaul: A Date... erm... Update!

Jettie Maul 2
It has been over a year since our first interview with ScottMaul - and we thought a quick update was in order.

Many of you were able to see and meet ScottMaul at Celebration II and again at Dragon*Con 2002. He will be "Mauling" again at Dragon*Con 2003 and will once again be attending the DMEB-2 Dinner as our Guest of Honour on Friday night.

We also wanted to wish him a Happy Birthday! (2002). But not 2003! ;)


DMEB2: Many of us here at DMEB2 were finally able to meet you at Celebration II - And you plan on writing an article for our site *wink - hint...hint* But in a few words, what did you think of C2 and the DMEB2?

ScottMaul: It was delightful to meet all of you - each and every one of you who attended C2. The group dynamics were incredible. I also want to again thank DarkLady for the wonderful gifts from England, and for the sandwiches she and MaulMaus bought me that I didn't eat! ;-D Also thanks to Belle for helping with the makeup and to MaryCheetah for organizing the dinner! It was all just so fantastic!

DMEB2: What did you think of the reaction you received while costumed as Darth Maul?

You Died!ScottMaul: The photo-session at C2... that just blew me away! I've never experienced anything like that costuming as Maul before. The kids especially - they were incredible. I especially remember one little girl in one of the pictures. She had just pointed at me and shouted "You died!" I fell totally out of character and burst out laughing. What else could I do? Overall, I would have liked to have more time and room to interact with the fans, but it was simply too crowded.

DMEB2: Any additions or changes to the Maul costume that we can look forward to seeing at Dragon*Con?

ScottMaul: No changes made to the combat outfit, but I have made some changes to the makeup. Now I'm using the same makeup as was used in the movie, a superior product than what I used before. The red is a cake makeup that I apply with a sponge first. Then I sketch out the black lines with a soft lead pencil and paint over the red with the black makeup, starting at the chin line and moving my way up towards the eyes. I tried it first for several Episode 2 Premiere events I attended and it worked out well. It not only looks better in my opinion, but the application process takes considerably less time than before - 3 hours vs. 5 hours! Leaves me more time for "Maulin."

ScottMaul at an Episode II Premiere event in Panama City, FLDMEB2: While Dragon*Con isn't a Star Wars specific convention - the 501st will be there in force... as will you?

ScottMaul: Yes..., I'll be there! I'll be "Mauling" for two days (Friday and Saturday). Considering how you all discovered me - all I have to say is, "Spankings are in order!" *gratuitous laugh* Also perhaps the lines between "ScottMaul" and "Darth Maul" will be more blurred. And perhaps there will even be a surprise for the more observant of the ladies.

Thank you again ScottMaul! We are looking forward to seeing you at Dragon*Con and for again being our Guest of Honor at the Dragon*Con DMEB2 Dinner!


ScottMaul's Birthday Pics

ScottMaul...or Maul Scott??? You decide! ScottMaul celebrated his birthday on July 14th 2002, with family and friends and was kind enough to share a few pictures from the festivities! Obviously... as we suspected... he does have a split personality!

One of the friends attending Scott's birthday party was Cindy Campbell - the seamstress who created the wonderful Darth Maul Combat Outfit that Scott wears. She also sewed many of Scott's other Imperial costumes - and not from patterns, but from simple sketches provided by ScottMaul or found on the internet! So thanks to Cindy for the terrific Darth Maul costume ... the one ScottMaul will, unfortunately, NOT let us rip from his body...

Cindy and Scott ScottMaul and friends

Cindy and ScottMaul
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ScottMaul and Friends
(Fullsized Image: 54.0 Kb)

Happy Birthday ScottMaul!

We also wanted to wish ScottMaul a Happy 29th Birthday Anniversary... wink...wink...wink... He's 35 Actually!  Don't tell him we told you though! And has he ever celebrated his birthday as Darth Maul you ask? But of course... he is a Sith after all! These pictures are from a couple years ago at his 29th Birthday Anniversary!

ScottMaul and Jess ScottMaul at his "29th" Birthday!

ScottMaul and friend Jess
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ScottMaul at Birthday Party
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The Birthday Party

ScottMaul's Sushi Birthday Party
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