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ScottMaul and the New Imperial Transport Vehicle: DTH MAUL

ScottMaul recently purchased a new 2003 Nissan X-Terra and managed to finally decide upon an appropriate personlized license plate for it - "DTH MAUL." Though, his personal favorite was "NFLT8R" (for Darth Maul's "Infiltrator" ) he decided driving through Florida with plates reading "NFL Traitor" would not be conducive to good health - at least not until the cloaking device can be added. You can read the entire exchange from our boards regarding The New Imperial Transport Tag Options.

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ScottMaul ScottMaul ScottMaul

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ScottMaul in Star Wars Insider
"Mauled" at Dragon*Con

ScottMaul finally made the Star Wars Insider Magazine (Issue 75). Webmistress MaulMaus wrote into "Rebel Rumblings" and they published her letter, along with a picture of ScottMaul with Ray Park (The Original Darth Maul!), taken at Dragon*Con 2003! What a coup!

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