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Scott Maul and the 501st make UK Star Wars scene!

Images of the UK published Jedi Journal
featuring The 501st Legion and Scott!

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Yes, pictures of our very own Scott Maul have been published in the Jedi Journal, issue 3.2, which features the Fighting 501st Legion, Sith Vixen, and Scott!

The Jedi Journal is the quarterly magazine of the UK Star Wars Fan Club, and in its heyday, ran many articles on Darth Maul. Nowadays they feature Anakin, (Anakin who?) but after Maul-less spring and summer issues, they revived interest by publishing pictures of the 501st, Scott Maul, and a couple of small images of someone who looks very much like Sith Vixen. There could well be more of our friends in there too, but the pictures are not the good quality they could or should be.

The pictures are all monochrome, alas, but there are seven pages including an interview with the founder, Albin Johnson, and twenty pictures of troopers and member costumers, going about their regular business of raising funds for charity, visiting hospitals, attending conventions and partying.


The UK fan mag logo.

Page 26 where the feature starts.

Sith Vixen.

Sith Vixen with Vader - 1

With Vader

Sith Vixen with Vader - 2

Scott - in black and white.
Full picture of the cover
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Click on the pics! Scott
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The interview ends with Johnson saying: "Of course, our ultimate goal would be to appear in a Star Wars film as stormtroopers. Who better to do it than born and bred fans? I haven't given up hope - after all, Samuel Jackson got his dream after dropping a public hint, right?"

Well Albin, let's hope that George is listening, for that would be the ultimate accolade for the Florida Garrison Fighting 501st, otherwise known as Vader's Fist. See the staff of our favourite garrison, pictured recently on vacation, on the Death Star.

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