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An Interview with ScottMaul:

Jettie Maul 2
ScottMaul was kind enough to answer some questions about being named the “Official Darth Maul of DMEB-2” as well as why he dons the Darth Maul costume.

He claims to be a “rogue clone who, after obtaining credits as a bounty hunter, mastered the arts of the Sith and is now in the complete service of the Empire.”


ScottMaul is a self-described “average computer and Star Wars costuming geek!” from Florida who works as a graphic designer and embroidery digitizer to pay for his costuming obsession. A bit taller than the original “Maul” at 5'11", he has an "Imperial Transport Vehicle" (a Nissan X-Terra) - for hauling costumes (why else?)! In addition to the Darth Maul costume, he has also created a Darth Vader, Stormtrooper and a Tusken Raider ensemble. He has also expanded into the world of pirates - portraying Captain Jack Sparrow, "much more better" than he should.


DMEB2: How did you get started with costuming?

ScottMaul: I’d have to say I’ve been costuming as long as I can remember. I was always the kid with the beach towel safety pinned around his neck, running through the house thinking he was Batman! My grandmother used to make costumes for my sister and I, so you could say she was really the one to get me started with costuming.

DMEB2: Why do you do costuming?

ScottMaul: I enjoy the escape and the freedom to become someone else, especially my favorite characters. There is a certain satisfaction that I get from the transformation. Not just Darth Maul, but with the other costumes and characters I have developed as well.

DMEB2: Why Darth Maul?

ScottMaul: Actually, Maul is not my first or only costume/character. One of my first was the “Joker.” I made the whole costume myself, and since I don’t sew, that was quite an accomplishment!

When I first saw images of Darth Maul, I immediately felt a connection. The character was striking! The costume, the makeup, the horns, saber, all of it appeared to be such a challenge, a major undertaking, and I was drawn to that aspect. Plus, I didn't know of anyone who even entertained the thought of costuming as Maul! I believe I started my research into the costume about a year before the movie was released.

DMEB2: Is Darth Maul your favorite costume?

ScottMaul: Yes, one of my favorites, but it is also the highest maintenance! I strive for movie accuracy in each of my costumes. I do a lot of research, collecting of reference photos and sourcing in order to make the costumes as accurate as possible. In my commitment to becoming Darth Maul, the bar is raised quite high. If I’ve accomplished that, then the reactions from those who see me as Maul are priceless.

DMEB2: How long did it take you to put the whole costume together?

ScottMaul: Wow! Let’s see...I think I worked on the original without patterns for about a year and a half. Then after the movie was released and more sources became available, I poured my efforts into the costume and into making it as accurate as possible. Everything, down to the earring! I would say it has taken me about three and a half years to get it to the stage it is now. My seamstress just LOVES me!

As far as the costume, the combat outfit itself consists of two layers. The tunic, which is sleeveless and satin lined, and the combat outfit over that, also satin lined. The ‘flaps’ are a combination of the two layers. There is also a scarf that wraps around the neck, under the belt assembly and down the thighs. Additional elements are sewn onto the outer combat outfit, adding to the ‘layers.’ The movements, ferocious spinning and turning, add to the visual layering of the costume.

DMEB2: What parts of the costume did you buy and what did you make yourself?

ScottMaul: I bought the boots, gloves, belts and saber with the clip. Also the makeup and contact lenses. I made, along with my seamstress, the inner tunic with the combat outfit, the pants and the hooded cloak. The horns I sculpted myself from paper clay.

DMEB2: What was the hardest part of the costume to find?

ScottMaul's Boots for his Darth Maul costumeScottMaul: The boots! Those damned boots! The boot used in the movie was the Apollo Gore 102, manufactured in 1998 and made by Frank Thomas Ltd. I could never find them in the states, especially not that particular make and year! Since the filming was done in England, I focused my search there and finally came across a dealer who carried the Frank Thomas line, but didn’t have the 1998 version. The newer version of the 102 is more streamlined, and while it resembles the movie version, it is in no way the same looking boot. Velcro tabs replaced the slide through buckle then Velcro tab. I ended up picking out a similar motorcycle boot and adding appliances to resemble the look of the movie boot. I may still pick up the new version, but I’m happy with what I came up with.

DMEB2: What about the makeup? How hard is that to apply and wear?

ScottMaul: Aaahhh....the makeup! Who ever thought a Sith would have to practice so much patience! I have to confess I’ve only done the makeup by myself twice, and of course someone else has to complete the top and back of my head. I have a good friend and co-worker, Jess, who normally does the makeup for me. I even brought her to DragonCon 2001 with me!

ScottMaul complete makeupIn my opinion, the makeup design is based on a snarl. If you look at Maul in the holoprojection scene, next to Sidious, he looks like he is snarling. But, his face was relaxed and his eyes just piercing, yet, he still looks like he is snarling. I took note of how the lines were laid out on Ray Park’s face and we incorporated that technique on myself. I experimented with bald caps but was never satisfied with the results, so I went for it and shaved my head! The fastest we have ever completed the makeup was in about 3 1/2 hours and that was sloppy! To get the lines and all the details sharp as well as making the lines work with my face so that I can “act” through the makeup takes about 5 hours! We don’t use templates so each time we do it, it is done freehand.

The makeup itself is pretty permanent, in that it lasts for hours. I first tried the effect with an inferior makeup, a grease type for the red and a waterbase for the black. The red had a wet looking shine and smeared easily while the black flaked off. Neither gave the accurate look from the movie that I wanted. The movie accurate is ‘Real Tattoo’ for the black part and Kryolan Waterbase for the red. I chose the Kryolan for all the makeup, red and black.

DMEB2: You went so far as to get an ear stud?

ScottMaul: Yes. Funny story. As I was reaching the final stages of producing a movie accurate Maul, I toyed around with spirit gumming a little bead to my ear. But it kept falling off! They had these magnetic things that were supposed to work, but I never had any success. So I bit the bullet! I was told at one time that if the procedure was not done correctly, I could pass out or that the side of my face would be paralyzed. I’m not sure if there is any validity to those accounts, but, I decided to use it to my advantage. I expressed my concerns to the young lady who was about to skewer me and she hadn’t heard of any such side effects. With that I said, “Fire away!” She did, and just to spice it up, I rolled my eyes back and hit the floor! Totally freaked her and all the other customers out! I jumped up, bowed and screamed, “Acting!!!” And yes it hurt like @#%#$@@!

DMEB2: How do you envision Darth Maul’s character?

ScottMaul: Committed. Efficient. Those are the words that come to mind. I personally like his lack of dialogue. He’s a man of action. Evil goes without saying, but his commitment to the Sith order is incredible. The tattoos alone speak volumes! Imagine the pain management required.

DMEB2: Do you find yourself “becoming” Darth Maul as the makeup and costume are applied and put on? Or is it a combination of “Maul” and your own personality?

ScottMaul: Oh definitely! The same is true for all my costumes. I think it’s imperative to complete the image of the characters. The first time we practiced the makeup, we actually freaked out on how I started to ‘disappear’ behind the different stages of the application. I usually plunk the contacts in about half way through the black. Then the change really starts to happen. I’ll look at myself and snarl, furrow my brow. It’s pretty amusing. Then I do something silly like pucker up a big ‘over-the-top’ kiss and I come back to reality. *LOL* Once the costume is on, I’m in full swing.

DMEB2: What is the typical reaction you get from people when you are costumed as Darth Maul?

ScottMaul: DragonCon 2001 was the first con I’ve ever attended, if you can believe that! So the reaction there was overwhelming! That was where I met members of the DMEB who were kind enough to enlighten me to its existence. I never knew.... (Editor Note: This is where we all heard that ScottMaul was trying to protect himself from the adoring ladies by stating he was only a geek! A geek with glasses!)

Typically, the reactions with the general public are more in the form of questions - “Are those your real eyes?” or “How long does the makeup take?” things like that. Kids are great! They always want to hold the saber. They ask me to ignite it, but I must decline as I am only a Sith Apprentice in training! ;) I let them hold it, but advise them not to touch the buttons. They will stand there with palms splayed out, their eyes wide open and doing everything they can to keep from touching the buttons! The thing weighs about 7.5 pounds, so they really have to work at it!

DMEB2: What is the most memorable reaction you have had while dressed as Maul?

ScottMaul: Killeer’s reaction was priceless! Her friends set her up! A friend put her in his Boba Fett helmet with her back to me, then they told me to come up and tap her on the shoulder. I did. She turned around and SCREAMED inside the helmet!! *LOL* I admit it, I jumped!

The other really memorable reaction was for my birthday two years ago. I had finally collected all the movie accurate parts to the costume, including the make-up, so I invited a bunch of my friends out for sushi (This is in the middle of July). I made prior arrangements with the restaurant owner, so he knew I wasn’t there just to disrupt his business, and on my request I had my friends, about ten in all, seated at table with their backs to the entrance. I walk in and the people at the other tables start gasping and pointing! I put my hands on the shoulders of two of my friends and calmly state: “Sorry, I’m late. I appreciate you coming!” They all fell out! None of them knew I had this planned! It was great!

DMEB2: Have you ever had any negative reactions from people, costumed as Maul?

ScottMaul: Not really. I belong to a costuming club that supports local charities and events. I approached the coordinator of a local KidFest in hopes of volunteering our services for the event. I presented a press kit along with photos of all the characters that would be present - Darth Maul, Stormtroopers, Biker Scouts and Boba Fett. Apparently, the organizers met and decided that the character of Maul was too scary for the demographic of children that would be present at the event. Despite the fact that most of the Maul toys on the market are geared for children aged 4 years and up. I obliged them and didn’t appear as Maul, as it was a “getting our foot in the door” event. Something to consider when you are trying to support local events, especially this particular one.

ScottMaul Behind the ScenesDMEB2: Do you have a favorite Star Wars movie or character?

ScottMaul: Oh boy! There is no particular one. I like all of the movies. They’re a collective, a story in the works. If I had to put a finger on my favorites, it would be the ones that haven’t come out yet. Silly to say it that way, but look at what we have to look forward to! I’m really excited!

As far as characters, growing up it was always the “good guys,” Luke, Han, Chewie, even C3PO and R2 were always favorites. As I grew into my costuming phase as an adult, the “bad guys” became my fave! Boba Fett was the first costume from the movies that I worked on. After that it was Maul, then came my Stormtrooper and Tusken Raider costumes. Now I am working on the Royal Guard uniforms. The Imperials always had better uniforms!

DMEB2: How do you feel about being named the “Official Darth Maul” of the DMEB2?

ScottMaul: I think it’s nice. I mean, I’m just settling into the idea of actually having “fans.” It’s a bit strange since I was never really a really popular guy growing up. So it might take some getting used to, but I appreciate the recognition.

DMEB2: Do you have anything you want to say to the ladies of DMEB2?

ScottMaul: Thanks! I appreciate the response I have received. I have to admit it was overwhelming and still is! I can’t take full credit for anything I do as Maul. George Lucas and his talented team created him, I simply impersonate him. So the admiration you all share for the character is equally admired by myself. I respect the public role I play as Darth Maul, it is a privilege, not a right and I think everyone understands that. So I’m here to enjoy this with all of you. The DMEB-2 is here to respect, admire and have fun with a character we all enjoy.

Thank you ScottMaul! All of us here at DMEB2 look forward to finally meeting you in person at Celebration II next May!


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