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Celebration II was an event that none of the DMEB Sithsters will soon forget - some of us had the time of our lives. And though we only gathered together once as a complete group, for the DMEB-2 Dinner on Saturday night - we did have the opportunity to meet in smaller groups throughout the convention.

Besides images from all three days of the convention, and some from Thursday prior, we will include some stories and reflections of our adventures at Celebration II. DarkLady gives her Impressions of Celebration.

Anyone wishing to add to these pages with stories or images - please submit them to MaulMaus or DarkLady! Thank You!

DMEB2 Group Photo: Killeer, ScottMaul, MaulMaus, DarkLady, Belle Bayard, Darth Cleo, Savage and MaryCheetah

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Top Row: Killeer, ScottMaul, MaulMaus, DarkLady
Bottom Row: Belle, Darth Cleo, Savage, MaryCheetah


Thursday at C2

Thursday is the day most members of the DMEB-2 arrived. A couple of us met up with the Florida Garrison of the 501st for drinks and dinner and more drinks and popcorn...

Thursday Pictures: [ 1 ]


Friday at C2
Friday was the first day of the convention - too much to see and do. Four members of the DMEB2 met up with ScottMaul, who unfortunately had to pull an extra duty shift that afternoon. Nonetheless we had lunch together and met again for dinner and our first "Trooping Session!"

Friday Pictures: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]


Saturday at C2
Saturday was the most crowded day at the Convention by far. This was the day ScottMaul appeared as Maul and he was the star of the convention floor ... erm... hallway. We didn't get much further due to the mobs of people wanting their picture taken with ScottMaul!

Saturday Pictures: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ]

Saturday Dinner:

The DMEB-2 Dinner at TGI Friday's started at 7 pm and extended to a photo session with the Official Maul of the DMEB-2. Afterwards he was interviewed on JediTalk Radio along with Andy Fett of the MidWest Garrison of the 501st.

DMEB-2 Dinner Pictures: [ 1 ] [ 2 ] [ 3 ] [ 4 ]


Sunday at C2
Sunday was more low-key but plenty to do and see on the last day of the convention. Two of our members were invited to attend the special party held at the Lotus Room along with several of the stars from the Star Wars movies.

Sunday Pictures: [ 1 ]

Special Thanks to our friends in the 501st Legion - Especially ScottMaul, Clutch and TK-967 of the Florida Garrison, Dirty Tom of the Star Garrison and "Andy Fett" of the Midwest Garrison! All of you made our Celebration experience fun and memorable - we enjoyed your company and look forward to seeing you all again at DragonCon 2002!

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