Fan-Fiction: Submit a Story


Since the language of this site is English, please spell check and proof-read your story to make sure it is, in fact, English. Most text-processors have an integrated spell-checker.

Please ensure that the story is properly formatted, i.e. a blank line between paragraphs. This will make it easier to read.

If you fail to comply with these two basic requests, you may find your story bouncing back to you! Alas, we all have Darth Real Life to contend with. So please, take your time before submission and keep in mind that spell checking, proof-reading and formatting are no match for a Sith.

Have your story beta-read. Be it to avoid disturbances in the plot or simple spell checking - we can’t recommend this enough! Need a beta reader? Ask the Archivist. (We also accept volunteers to beta-read stories!)

Submit all stories in plain text (*.txt), rich text (*.rtf), or as a web page (*.html). We don’t want viruses, neither do we want to jam the archive with picture-laden stories. Wordpad is good, and it comes free with Windows. Linux and Mac users should also know which editor is the simplest and best.

Stories should be limited to about 10,000 words. If they are longer, please break the story up into sections, submitting each one separately.

Send a short summary along with your story, a quick two-liner. Tell us who the main character is, Maul, Sidious, whoever? Trust us, a good summary means more readers. ‘Read, and you’ll find out’ is NOT a good summary.

All stories must contain a disclaimer to make it clear that you respect the copyrights and trademarks held by Lucasfilm Ltd.


Areas of Concern:

  • Violence: Generally, we don’t like too much violence unless it is an integral part of the story, and we will tell the readers what to expect.  Anything with sex, violence, or foul-language will be rated accordingly and in the same way that the Motion Picture Society of America rates motion pictures. We will also rate all stories with

  • Slash: This is an Estrogen Brigade and we believe Maul likes women. Though we do accept slash, it must be really good to be posted here. Although we like slash, it is not our “speciality” you might say. There will be special warnings posted for any slash story.

  • PWP: (Plot-What-Plot/Porn-Without-Plot): These are generally not accepted. We prefer to host stories that have a plot and which have good characterization..



  • Any fantasy or story dealing with the actor instead of the character.

  • Sex with under-aged characters. We know Romeo and Juliet were minors, but we aren't Shakespeare, either. No sex for under 16 year olds.

  • Bestiality.  Please don’t try to rewrite ancient Greek myths about the origin of Centaurs.

  • Snuff. Keep out of your story any scene that could make the impression that you want to entertain the reader with a gratuitous and graphic description of a violent death during sexual intercourse.

  • Gratuitous graphic violence. We don‘t want to argue about the violence inherent in the Star Wars movies, neither do we want the Sith and Jedi to behave like guests at five o‘clock tea at Buckingham Palace. But regarding all graphic descriptions of brutal actions - ask yourself if they contribute anything to the character or the plot. If not, try to keep them out of your story.

  • Plagiarism. If you do this, the Sith Master will use Force lightning to zap you out of this archive forever. If you‘ve fallen in love with a story so deeply that you can‘t hold back from writing a sequel or rewriting it from a different point of view (POV), ask the author in a private mail for permission. Or keep the result of your inopportune lust in the secret caverns of your hard disk.

When in doubt about your story, ask the Archivist!

Stories will be rated according to their content, as to sex, violence, language, and anything else the Sith Master or may deem relevant.

The site and individual stories will also be rated appropriately with - this is for the benefit of parents and those raising children.

Warnings are required if your story has non-consensual sex, slash, graphic violence or anything else that might disturb some readers. The Archivist may put additional warnings where appropriate.

If you want feedback, be sure to include a feedback address at the beginning or end of the story. The author‘s e-mail address will not be displayed in the archive. All stories must be approved by the Archivist before posting.

Please DO NOT archive any of the stories contained in this archive on another website unless you have received permission from the author to do so.


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