Darth Maul: The Warrior

Star Wars Insider: Issue 62 (October 2002)

Star Wars Insider Issue 62 Cover

Star Wars Insider Magazine is aimed toward Star Wars fans of all ages. It includes interviews with the stars of all the movies, information about special effects and collecting.

Issue 62 focuses on Episode II and the Jedi and includes an interesting and in depth article about the various styles of light saber fighting. Pay particular attention to how the Jedi view killing someone by stabbing (shiak) or by cutting a body in half (sai tok) as was done to Maul by Obi-Wan! Enjoy!

Cover of Issue 62 (Oct 2002):
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Fight Saber: Seven Deadly Forms of Combat

Fight Saber: Page 1 Fight Saber: Page 2 Fight Saber: Page 3

Page 1
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Page 2
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Page 3
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Fight Saber: Page 4 Fight Saber: Page 5 Fight Saber: Page 6

Page 4
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Page 5
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Page 6
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Fight Saber: Page 7 Fight Saber: Page 8 Fight Saber: Page 9

Page 7
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Page 8
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Page 9
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Fight Saber: Page 10

Page 10
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