Darth Maul: The Warrior

Star Wars Gamer: Issue 05

Star Wars Gamer: Issue 05 Aug/Sept 2001

Star Wars Gamer Magazine is aimed toward the gaming community. This includes Role Playing Games (RPG) as well as board games, trading card games, video games and information on all aspects of Star Wars Gaming. There was one article featuring the Sith in this issue. Enjoy!

Cover of Issue 05 (Aug/Sep 2001):
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The Sith Compendium

This article explains the Sith in terms of the Star Wars Role Playing Game, but it also provides some interesting information for those who are just interested in more information on the Sith.

The Sith Compendium - Page 1 The Sith Compendium - Page 2 The Sith Compendium - Page 3

Page 1
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Page 2
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Page 3
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The Sith Compendium - Page 4 The Sith Compendium - Page 5 The Sith Compendium - Page 6

Page 4
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Page 5
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Page 6
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The Sith Compendium - Page 7

Page 7
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