The Sith Council: About Us

Sith on a Balcony on Coruscant
There are four of us, each of us from a different part of the world. We all mourned the closure of the wonderful original Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade (DMEB-1), and thought to set up a successor.  This is the result of our efforts. We divide the work between ourselves... but being Sithly, we don't always agree on how best to create a site worthy of the name Darth Maul Estrogen Brigade! However, we do all monitor the DMEB-2 Boards.

Dark Lady

Dark Lady is the "Sith Master" of this website and at one time, ran a smaller site dedicated to the Sith. She makes sure this site is up and running as smoothly as possible. Anything technical on the site... ask Dark Lady!

She has also written numerous stories for this site which can be found in our Fan-Fic section. It was writing that led her to discover the first DMEB since she reasoned she should write about something she liked! There, she started her first story about Maul, and developed a whole new alternate universe.


MaulMaus has done all the graphic work for the site and continually tries to improve its look and feel. Have a graphics or web-design question... ask MaulMaus!

It began innocently enough for MaulMaus. Just watching the TPM video - when she saw HIM walk out of the Infiltrator and over to the edge of the mesa and scan the nearby terrain. The rest was history.... surfing the web, she found the original DMEB and discovered the world of fan-fic. Her fate was sealed then and there.


Red is our linguist! Have a language question... ask Red! She also wears many other Sithly hats... being heavily involved with the DVEB (Darth Vader Estrogen Brigade) and her own wonderful website “The Sorcerous Side” at

Red's own stories incorporate many aspects of her rich European culture, and have undertones of mysticism, ritual, and magick in the old sense. She also has a terrific sense of humour which can be appreciated in the Mary & Sue series she co-wrote with saphsaq!


saphsaq is our mystery webmistress. She maintains the mailing list and is our Sithly Enforcer. ( And yes... it is with a small 's.')

She writes stories that are dark and give a generous hint of the evil that lies at the heart of the Sith philosophy, stories that are rich in ritual and weighty meaning. Sometimes she loves to change into comedy without becoming even lighter - authors are only Sith, after all. You can find many of her stories here and at Red's site at


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