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ZP Florian

ZP is a journalist and graphic designer born in Hungary and now living in Virginia.  She supports two almost grown up kids, two cats, several plants and some birds in the backyard.  For recreation, ZP runs a web-site, and publishes fan-fiction in ’zines.

Why does she write this fan-fiction? “This is my life,” she says. “This is what I live for, that and reading the fan-fiction of others.”  Read a little more about her on her site.

Also visit ZP’s site The Darth Side at for stories not just pertaining to Maul, but to Han Solo, Anakin, Luke, and many other Star Wars characters.  Be warned though, many are slash...


Stories published here are:

The Gift: Rated R.  Maul creates a clone of himself for his mother.  Part of the DMEB ‘Family’ challenge.

The Cup: Rated PG.  Sidious has created a clone of Maul, so that Maul may continue to serve his Master even after death.

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