Example 1

Darth Krispies

Daphne shifted in the bucket seat as she plucked Fred’s groping hand off her upper thigh and placed it back on the steering wheel, giving him a little “not in front of the children” look before turning back to gaze out the van window at the dark, humid southern Missouri night. The words of the drunk at the Ozarkland souvenir shop a couple miles back floated through her mind.

“It wuz some sorta flyin’ ship. One o’ them uffos. I seed it. And I seed whut come outta it. Some folks woulda thought it’d be little green men, but I tell you kids, it was the Devil hisself whut came down that ramp. All glowin’ yeller eyes, and horns all over his head. He’s the one. Yup. He’s the one who’s bin cuttin’ off the heads of all them stachoos over at Precious Moments park. And worse ‘n that, I’m tellin’ you.”

Yes, and it will turn out to be some disgruntled postal worker in a mask, or a land developer trying frighten off the park owners, or something hopelessly mundane thought Daphne a little sadly. Just once it would be nice to run into the real deal. Someone really dark and powerful. Someone who might take her away from this rather nasty old van, with it’s ground in funk of wet dog, Shaggy’s unwashed T-shirts, Velma’s Old Spice, and lately, Fred’s Axe. Daphne sighed, trying to breathe through her mouth, as Fred’s damp palm casually landed on her knee and began its nonchalant crawl up her leg toward her thong elastic. One way or another, this was definitely her last adventure with the gang.


Note that it runs 3 paragraphs in about 300 words, introduces Maul into the Scooby-Dooniverse, tells us that our main character is going to be Daphne, mentions the other canon characters involved, including the inevitable superstious local who tries to scare the kids off, hints at adult themes later on, and gives a hint of a plot. This would meet all the basic requirements of the contest.

So, all you writers and wannabes who have always wanted to try your hand at this but couldn't come up with an entire story, here's you chance to have a little fun and get a little practice.

Oh, and since it is a contest, there will be a prize - a Darth Maul action figure autographed by Ray Park!