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saphsaq has published on the first DMEB, and yes, the first 's' is lower case!

saphsaq is our mystery web mistress.  She writes stories that are dark and give a generous hint of the evil that lies at the heart of the Sith philosophy, stories that are rich in ritual and weighty meaning. Sometimes she loves to change into comedy without becoming even lighter - authors are only Sith, after all.

Some of the ritual you would not want to know about, some of the ritual shows what sort of sacrifice a Sith Lord might make to attain the power that he desires above all. Some of the ritual we have yet to publish (it would make your eyes water). More is available at DMEB-1, the original, and in embellished versions at Redone's page (see under saphsaq's collection and Mary & Sue).


Stories published here are:

Carambolage.  Rated NC-17  A tale of loyalty and courage.

The Chain: Rated NC-17. The link of a chain symbolises Maul. Part of the DMEB ‘Ritual’ challenge.

Cyclone: Rated NC-17. An interlude between Ep. 1 and Ep. 2 in a slightly alternate universe (filthy Manga-cut).

Mary & Sue - Part 1.  Rated PG.  Warning! This is the classical Mary Sue at its best, so of course, the story will follow all rules of classical marysuedom, which means, there are some hot Force-boys, some absolutely irresistible Earth-girls (what did you think? Why would we want to write about being ugly, stupid and in general unremarkable?), some action, some funny stuff, some hot stuff, and a whole lot of general silliness. But it is not humour -- marysuedom is a serious business.

Mary & Sue - Part 2.  Rated PG. Where Mary reveals her pancake trick and another guest invites himself in his typical forceful (yet this time Force-less) manner.

Mary & Sue - Part 3.  Rated PG. Where Sue and Mary learn more about honorable Jedi Masters and persistent Sith Lords.

Mary & Sue - Part 4.  Rated PG. where Sue and Mary come to some revelations about vacation, horntips and pigs!

Mary & Sue - Part 5.  Rated PG. where the Sith gets Jedi training, and vice versa.

Mary & Sue - Part 6.  Rated PG. and concerning spaceships, strawberries, and a lot of foolishness.

Mary & Sue - Part 7.  Rated NC-17. because it is chapter sex.

Mary & Sue - Part 8.  Rated NC-17. because it closely follows chapter seven, and concerns serious issues, such as jealousy, code questions, and special Jedi-arts....

Nothing but a Job  Rated R. Long before the production of clones started at Kamino, Darth Maul teams up with a female trooper to do a hit job for his master. (PDF file so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Poor me!  Rated PG. Who was the master, and who the apprentice? (PDF file so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.)

Sith Baggage: Rated PG. A Sith Lord has an unlikely task, the evil tentacles of the Sith reach further than you think.  Christmas special, 2001.

The Speeder Bike: Rated R. Lord Sidious has an appointment for his little apprentice - to learn driving is included. As well as some madness and poetry of Exar Kun.

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