Mary & Sue.

By Mary & Sue

Chapter eight.

Concerning serious issues, such as jealousy, code questions
and special Jedi-arts

Rating: NC-17
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Note: The name of God the Great and Gracious is used more than once in this story. The whole story may be meant for entertainment, but never, nowhere do we intend blasphemy.
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Our zoo gets an upgrade Ė the pig morphs into a rabbit: Maryís POV

Now it was becoming a real vacation: we shared a thousand precious moments with our lovers. Amazingly the shipís repairs didnít suffer from that. Maybe it was a result of the lessening tension between the Sith and the Jedi. It was increasingly rarely that one of them drove their playful competition in a nasty direction (um, normally my cute stripe-face was responsible for such actions). However, the successful repairs had their negative aspects. Already the boys were complaining of the shortage of suitable tools, and the day was now imminent when the ship would be stripped of items that it could do without and all materials thus gained would be recycled. To put this deadline off as far as possible, Sue had suggested borrowing whatever was necessary from the neighbours. So, from time to time ó like, for example, at the moment ó Sue went on a begging tour, accompanied by the tall Jedi beast of burden. We also scrapped the escape pod for parts, but as it had suffered greatly, and did not have much that was compatible with the Infiltrator to begin with, the spoils from that particular raid were nothing to speak of.

Maul and I were left at home ó he, as always, glued to the computer screen, wreaking havoc on a plate of apples (crunchy! juicy! delicious!), I submerged in the difficult task of figuring out how to iron his baggy trousers.

"Mm-ruh? Hut duh 'bht-tra...po...all-ybtic' hnnn?"

"Hmm?" I didnít lift my head, deeply immersed in my work, which was already well underway towards complete success. "What?"

Maul finished with his mouthful of apple and repeated much more clearly: "Postapocalyptic. What does it mean?"

"Ah. That's what remains of a scenery after a Sith on warpath has passed through."

"Oh. Right" Maul sank his teeth into the next apple with a mouth-watering crunch and thought for a moment. "But then you might as well drop the 'post' part. I haven't finished with you yet."

I cocked an eyebrow. Finished what? He threw me a stop-playing-the-innocent glance. I made him a face. He growled back. I laughed...

Maulís keen senses had alerted him much earlier than I became aware of the sound of footsteps in our yard. We exchanged a gaze ó I didn't have to nod in the direction of the backroom door; Maul had vanished almost before the thought that he should hide was quite finished in my head.

Someone knocked on the door ó well, a pretended knock it was, because the local constable let himself in without waiting for permission. Probably Quiís mind-whammying Force spell had dissolved or the remonstrance of Gunnarís elder sister had lost power ó anyway, my almost-lover was back once again.

"Hi, Mary. Alone?" He looked around, skimming over some books and paper on the desk, peeping on the computerís screen, finally plopping on the sofa. "Doesnít seem so."

"Yeah." I continued my ironing work. "If you want to speak with Sue, you'll have to come back later."

"Um, no..." He rested his forearms heavily on his knees, folding and unfolding his hands in search for the right start, then sent me a tilted gaze. "You know, I am here for you."

I intensified my ironing work.

"Mary." He took a deep breath and put his hands firmly on his knees. "I have given you a long time to rethink your words. Almost a year. Well, those were harsh words. Still, I have been keeping an eye on Sue and you all the time to protect you and all that, although..."

"Although you were hurt," I finished his sentence. His self-righteous manner was so boringly predictable.

"Yes." Gunnar nodded, seemingly pleased at how fast I could catch up with his thoughts. An indication of how same-minded we must be. "I was. But itís over now."

Congratulations, I thought, now we're through. But his next sentences showed me how utterly wrong I was.

"I must have been blind, Mary. You didnít want to refuse me then. You wanted to test me. You donít like the fainthearted." Satisfied with his deep understanding of the intricacies of female psychology, he chuckled. "I haven't been trying hard enough." Another chuckle. "And you like to play hard-to-get, donít you? But now I've made up my mind ó my sis convinced me to stay away from you for a while ó not her worst idea, 'cause I could make my mind up. I must take better care of you, I discovered."

"How nice," I managed to insert into his monologue. So the piggy would appear even more frequently in my life?! That he had developed a philosophy about my preferences I marginally noticed as a Ďbonusí.

"Yes, isnít it? I expected you would think so. And perhapsó" He watched the tips of his boots, clasping and unclasping his hands again nervously. "Perhaps you would like to come with me on vacation." He glanced up to me, begging, and then scrutinized again on his shoe-tips as he continued. "It will be only for two weeks. From next Monday on. A motorbike trip. Everything is prepared. I asked one of my mates for his bike. So you can ride mine. A two-week trip right through the country. With the bikes. Only you and me." Toward the end his voice faded out.

This left me speechless. I put the iron away. Not that there was any doubt his affection meant nothing for me. But how to deal with this... Only a short time ago I wouldn't have thought twice about giving Gunnar an advice to go into the bathroom to relieve himself, or a similar ultimate hint to leave me alone. But now... His offer, translated into my language, meant very much. I really did want to finish the thing in dignity for us both, but I had no idea how. Ah, the cursed influence of a peace-making Jedi in this house! I felt empathy, but didnít know how to act on it. Shaitan!

Gunnar misinterpreted my silence as surprise and opened his lips to persuade me further, but nothing came out of his mouth. Suddenly I was aware that the air in the room had chilled. Even the light became a degree Ďcolderí. I turned my head to find the reason for Gunnarís mesmerization. I should have expected something like that. Darth Maul stood, leaning casually against the frame of the backroom door, his well-muscled biceps and strong forearms crossed over the mighty, bare red and black chest. The unblinking stare of his yellow eyes was a wordless declaration of war. I looked back at Gunnar. The man sitting on the sofa didnít move. A rabbit incarnate, watching his approaching death, the snake. His wide opened eyes allowed me a glimpse right into his brain. Empty.

"...What is this...?" Gunnar breathed finally.

Painfully I searched for appropriate words or gestures to avoid the explosion, to unwind the tension. But obviously I had adopted Gunnarís mindset ó my brain was empty too.

Meanwhile, Maul strode over to me, wrapping his arm around my waist. He bared his teeth in a threatening snarl.

Finally a dim idea what to do lit-up in my head. I muttered: "Oh, he's... my friend, the actor... you know?" and turned to Maul: "Wow! The optician has outdone himself with your new contact lenses. What a brilliant yellow!"

Maul scowled at me with some suspicion. Suddenly the spell was broken, the Sith had left the building, and I was standing between a jealous constable and a striped and obviously equally jealous Ďactorí.

"Don't you dare approach my woman," Maul hissed at who he thought was his rival, in his best blood-chilling tone.

"...The actor!" ached Gunnar. His face contorted in pain, and then anger. His glance traveled over Maul from his horns over his striped body to his boots. Not a single detail of the horned man's possessive gesture had missed the still wide-open eyes of the young constable. "So. You prefer to be fucked by a painted clown."

For a second my mind went through all body-parts of Gunnar that could be potential landing fields for my iron, but then I placed a calming hand on Maul's shoulder.

"Indeed." My voice, I'm proud to say, was colder than the ice caves of Hoth. "I really prefer to be fucked by this particular clown. Now, if you please, get out. You are not welcome here any more."

"You didn't seem to think this way last summer," Gunnar sneered.

Before I could even answer, Maul leaned toward him with an ominous scowl. "You!" his pronunciation made every single word fall like an stroking axe. "Go now, and maybe you'll live."

"Are you threatening me, actor?" Gunnar shifted his weight slightly, his right hand prepared to grab his service weapon.

"Yes! You as much as look at her again, and you're dead."

I was saved by the arrival of Qui-Gon and Sue during the last words.

"Oh, hi, Gunnar, how are you?" Sue chirped, smiling sweetly. "Want a cup of coffee?"

I stared. The guy is insulting me in my own house, and here comes Sue with her coffee talk! I could have murdered her with my glare.

"I have just been threatened, and I'm not gonna let it lie," the constable growled.

"Oh, I'm sure he didn't mean that, officer," Qui said quickly, with a nod of greeting and an almost casual wave of hand. "He's a funny guy, you see. A kind heart, but a murderous mouth. Let's forget it."

"...Forget it..."

Gunnar at least had the dignity to depart without further delay, refusing coffee, thank Allah or the Force or whatever. As the door closed behind him, Maul grabbed Jedi by the throat. "A funny guy?"

"Go get a cold shower," Qui-Gon rumbled. "If he walks out of here and comes back with reinforcements, what will you do then? You and your diplomacy." He shook himself free of the Sith. "Galaxy rulers indeed."

I shrugged. "I hope he won't come back any more, after this." Avoiding Maul's eyes I returned to my ironing. We were happily rid of Gunnar, but the only contribution I had made to our victory was that I had been the reason for the problem and had almost screwed it all up with my awkward attempt to play moderator in the argument between my... ahem, lovers.

However, Maul didnít forgive or forget so easily. He took me in his arms and growled silently, while running his fingers through my short hair: "I should really hide you in a jewelry-box." Had he truly been afraid of losing me...?

Code Question: Sue's POV.

After supper I rose to clear the table and Mary helped me. Somewhat to my surprise Qui-Gon offered help, so I was very pleased to leave the dishwashing to him, for once getting the easy task of putting away clean dishes. Maul followed us into the kitchen and sat at the table, looking very pleased with himself and being a nuisance.

"Do all Jedi do womenís work?" he asked with the most innocent expression his fierce face could produce.

"We do what needs to be done," Qui-Gon answered calmly.

Then, in a mocking expression as if it had just occurred to him, Maul slapped his forehead. "But of course, how could I forget! You beggars canít afford droids, and your code forbids you to have women to do it."

"The code," Mary caught the keyword that offered a comfortable change of subject. "Tell me, Qui, does it really forbid you to have any relationship with women?"

"Clearly not, Mary, I think you have seen it."

"Seen what?"

"I am having a relationship now. I wouldnít, if the code forbade it. I am a Jedi, after all."

"A Jedi on vacation," Maul snickered.

"A Jedi on vacation is still a Jedi," Qui-Gon retorted in his smooth manner.

"So, Jedi, what does your code say about it?"

Qui-Gon appeared to consider. "Nothing, directly," he said finally. "Except that we serve the Republic and should avoid anything that would hinder our service. And also we should avoid anything that would consciously harm other beings ó and that clearly includes hurting them. Which an irresponsible relationship would do. We also are very strongly discouraged to create any liabilities in our lives, which could in some situations compromise our neutrality and impartiality. I think this is mainly what the code says that can be associated with relationships and marriages."

"To avoid hurting others..." I mused as we finished work and moved back to the living room. "That is clearly a double-edged sword."

Qui-Gon agreed.

"So you donít think that this affair with Sue isnít irresponsible?" Maul asked. "Youíve let her support you, you even let her do little things that you Jedi beggars usually do for yourselves ó you know, things like cooking, washing, all these womenís jobs, and at night you let her pleasure you, while all the time youíve been planning to leave her? Doesnít seem like a responsible relationship to me. It rather looks like youíre using her ó and using Mary, too."

"Much to my shame, I am," Qui-Gon said ó as calmly as ever.

"And yet you say you are still a Jedi," Maul argued. I giggled and saw it was time to come to my Jedi loverís aid.

"I can explain it to you," I winked at the Sith and noticed from the corner of my eye how Qui-Gonís eyebrows rose in surprise, "only if first you tell me what your Sith code says on these matters. Yeah, I know youíre having a relationship ó a more original answer, please."

Maul looked at me with his dragon eyes of red and gold where the black pupils stood out startlingly. Now, apparently, it was his turn to consider the matter.

"Since you both know so much about us, you can make guesses, and I will say if you are right or wrong," he offered.

"Nah, who would believe a Sith," Mary teased.

"I will speak the truth," Maul said solemnly, with a dangerous edge in his voice: how dare we doubt his words!

"Very well," I started. "My first guess is, your most important thing is your goal to rule the galaxy and your loyalty to the master. These things cannot be compromised."

"True," Maul said. I thought I caught a flicker of surprise in his face, but I may have been mistaken.

"Your turn," I waved to Mary.

"Well...You can take your pleasure, insofar as it does not interfere with what Sue said?"

"True. Well, almost."

"Almost? Please elaborate, oh Sith on Vacation," Qui-Gon said. Well, well, I thought, our domestic Jedi can be as acid as anything.

"A master may require that his apprentice live in total celibacy, if he sees fit."

"Keeping the apprentice for himself," Mary guessed.

"No, when I say celibacy I mean celibacy. No masters, no women, no men, no animals, no nothing. No hand. Total celibacy. Even for dreams you get punished."

"Poor apprentices," I snickered. "Well, I guess that may go under Ďloyalty to masterí clause, if we expand it ó Ďloyalty and obedienceí."

"There is no such thing as Ďpoor apprenticesí," Maul defended himself.

"Oh yes," Mary interrupted, "it makes you stronger, blah, blah, blah. Everything for the greater glory of the Sith."

"It teaches control," Maul said quietly, but proudly.

"Your master demanded total celibacy from you?" Qui-Gon asked.

"I was celibate until 25." Maulís tone was easy. Well, almost too easy.

"So", I tried to summarize, "he may demand it, but then, on other occasions, he may not. It all depends on the Masterís orders."

"Sith rule," Mary laughed, "The only rules are the masterís latest instructions." Qui-Gon laughed heartily at it and Maul threw him a nasty glance.

"You owe me an explanation," he shot then, turning to me.

"Oh my, you are relentless," I smirked at him. "Qui-Gon ó will you support me? Will you stop me when my imagination runs too wild?" The Jedi nodded, watching me with some interest, no doubt wondering what I would say. "Well then ó listen very carefully... (I noticed Mary grin.) First, the way Qui-Gon explained the code, in no absolute terms, it would mean that an accidental slip doesnít automatically stop you from being a Jedi."

I looked at Qui-Gon for confirmation. He nodded.

"Second, I think that, doing what he must, or doing the will of the Force, a Jedi may someday find himself in a situation when observing the code is not the right thing to do. Moreover, a Jedi may also find himself in a situation where any choice he would make would cause some hurt or injure. Thatís why I said itís a double-edged sword."

Maul nodded.

"You have a deep understanding of the code," Qui-Gon said. "So do you, Mary. In fact, I admire your way of thinking."

"Also I believe in this instance Qui-Gon was following the code. I ó we all actually, but mostly I ó had put him in a situation where (I felt myself blush) ó well, where I had been seriously offended if he hadnít... err... said what he said."

I stopped. Maul still watched me expectantly. "Go on, make your point," he said.

Mary came to my aid. "I believe we are all adults," she said, "and fully capable of deciding for ourselves, which in fact excludes the possibility of letting ourselves be used by another. Which also goes for you, Maul. I donít feel you are using me or taking advantage of me in any way. You may feel relief," she finished with a majestic dismissing hand-wave.

I giggled and saw Qui-Gonís mouth twitch. Maul scowled. "I do not appreciate your attempts to laugh at me. Why would you have been offended, Sue?"

"Come on, Maul," Mary urged, "stop teasing her. You got your answer. I donít know how it is in your world, but here it is considered less than tactful to press someone for personal details."

"No." Maul could be very obstinate. "She promised me an answer and I want it. No implications, no hidden meanings ó I want you to say it all out."

"Hah! Playing master and apprentice, are you?" Playfully I tugged at one of his horns. "Okay, I will ó someday. Perhaps." We all laughed.

Mary switched on the radio and sat behind the computer. Sweet night music flooded the darkening room. Swiftly, Maul moved to her side, saying, "Letís read something."

"About you?" Mary looked at him, with a touch of irony padded with a good portion of tenderness in her eyes. She logged into our personal archive of favourite fictions.

"Anything. About me would do fine. How about something hot?" He lifted Mary, sat on her chair and placed her on his lap.

Sue continues her Jedi Training: Sue's POV

Qui-Gon stepped to me, nodding questioningly towards the door. I took his hand and followed.

"Come visit me," he said, leading me to the stairs. There he stopped, looked me in the eye and ó suddenly lifted me into his arms.

"Qui! You donít have to..."

"I want to. Let me."

So I wrapped my arms around his neck and nibbled his ear all the way up, until he put me down in his small attic chamber. He bent down to kiss my neck lightly and then let me go, caressing my back.

"So you think I only do my duty as a Jedi?" he asked teasingly.

"I donít know what you do," I said. "You tell me."

He cocked his head and just looked at me, a smile in his eyes. Then his hand on my back found its way between my blouse and skirt, hot against my cool skin. I arched back and gasped. He laughed softly into my hair and bent down to kiss me ó lightly on my lips, then more hungrily on my neck.

Miraculously, my blouse disappeared, and all other items of clothing followed one by one. His soft chuckle made me want to wrap myself all over him. "Iím stranded here with a beautiful woman and with very few things to worry about ó if thatís what the duty of a Jedi is, then being a Jedi is pleasant indeed." And he latched on my breast, his hand simultaneously caressing the other one. I gasped, then pushed him slightly away to gain access to his belt buckle.

"You have too many clothes," I said, opening his belt and pulling away his tunics unceremoniously. He pulled me into another series of kisses, pressing me against his chest. I held onto his broad, strong shoulders, felt the tickle of his beard and occasional stray hair on my face, and his hardness against my belly. I let my hands roam over his back, until my thumbs hooked themselves into his waistband. He looked at me, with a thousand words, a thousand desires in his blue eyes, while I freed him from his last garments.

I let my eyes enjoy the sight of his bare body before me. I ran my hands over his gorgeous chest, belly... My eyes stopped on a barely visible light pink dot of a scar in the middle of it Ė the scar. I leaned forward to tease it with my tongue.

He did a Jedi double take, catching me in a deep kiss, lifted me then and carried me to the bed. There he straddled me, pressing slow, lazy kisses on my face, throat and shoulders. I enjoyed the weight of his body pressing me down onto the mattress. He eased my burden and rolled onto his back, pulling me on top. I kissed the corners of his mouth, his eyes, tried to trace his jaw line with my nose. I fluttered my lashes against his cheek, until he chuckled. Ah, didnít he sense what I really desired...? Again I lay on my back. His sensible lips traced a line of kisses down from my chest over my belly... Oh, Qui, you wouldnít... As his beard tickled the insides of my thighs while he kissed questioningly, I couldnít resist and parted my knees wider. It was so wonderful and irresistible and oh what he could do to me! I hadnít expected a Jedi master to be so masterful in these arts but he was ó oh, he was...

After I had come down from my cloud of bliss, he settled down beside me, resting on an elbow, watching me, tracing a finger all over my body in intricate patterns. The window was open and cool night air bathed our bodies. It was gorgeous to lay naked in the arms of this beautiful Jedi. I knew he wasn't finished yet, and I wanted more, but we had the whole night, and we could afford a moment of sweet anticipation. We allowed our fire subside slightly, basking in the knowledge that it would arise again... soon... For the moment, just looking into his eyes and feeling his hand on my skin was enough.

Then I laid my hand on his chest and wrote all sorts of things on him with my finger, circling his nipples, then tickling him in the armpits, then writing again. He closed his eyes and sighed.

"Maulís not been easy on you," I said.

He brought my hand to his lips and kissed my fingers one by one. "Heís just a boy. I donít let him disturb me."

I didn't miss the somewhat cute arroganza of the Jedi, calling the murderous Sith a 'boy'. It made me smile, as I let my fingers study the thickets of his beard. "Heís persistent."

"And I am imperturbable," he smiled. "I am a master, remember?" He ran his hand slightly over my ribs. "Youíre not ticklish?"

"I am. But I just donít show it."

He chuckled. "You have control, I see. And wisdom. A good combination. I wonder if I can drive you mad? If I can make you beg?"

"You canít."

"Weíll see."

I closed my eyes, switched my brain into power-save mode and lay back to enjoy the night. His hands roamed freely over me, caressing my breasts, running over my belly, tickling the insides of my arms, teasing my thighs to part. And he kissed me. Oh, how he kissed me! A thousand kisses and each felt different. I kissed him back when he was in kissing range, but otherwise I didnít move a fingertip. He moved me to get better access to my neck. When his hand traveled between my thighs, I opened slightly. My nipples were painfully hard, and my whole body covered in goosebumps. Every touch sent shivers down my spine. But I didnít give in. When I opened my eyes, he was always staring straight into my face. I gave him a teasing smile, then drifted away again on the waves of pleasure. It must have lasted for hours.

He shifted a leg between my thighs, nibbling and sucking at my breast. I felt his erection rub against my hip. For a moment, my breathing stopped. He noticed it and chuckled softly. Then he moved my knees further apart and lay on top of me, his cock teasing me, his mouth on my throat, his hands pressing to my hips.

I couldnít take it any longer. I opened myself to him and whispered, "Please! Please, Qui-Gon!"

He stopped kissing and pulled a very cocky face. "Please what?"

"I want you. Come in."

He buried his face in my neck and we both let out a simultaneous gasp when he entered, tentatively, teasingly. Just before I thought I would go mad, he slid deeper, and I let my hands travel to his hips and buttocks, trying to pull him even closer. I held him tightly, feeling his motions in the palms of my hands and inside, offering myself entirely to him. I felt I had to cry to resolve the tension. Qui paused, his bright eyes sending me a questioning look. I flung my legs tightly around him and let the movements of my hips tell him my wishes. With a sigh he rested his forehead against mine and joined my rhythm.

Afterwards we lay leisurely in each otherís arms.

"We can make a Jedi out of you yet," he chuckled, "if we practice diligently."


End of chapter eight. What will happen next?

"Mary... " I said, not taking my eyes off them. Simultaneously she said, "You know, Sue..."

We looked at each other and burst out laughing.

"Shall we?" I asked.