Mary & Sue.

By Mary & Sue

Chapter seven.

Chapter Sex - oops, sorry, it is chapter seven, just seven...

Rating: NC-17
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Note: The name of God the Great and Gracious is used more than once in this story. The whole story may be meant for entertainment, but never, nowhere do we intend blasphemy.
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Sue’s Lakeside: Sue’s POV

The repairs of the Infiltrator progressed slowly but surely, and we trusted the boys enough now to know that they would return to us in one piece, so we developed the romantic habit of letting them go to work by themselves before dawn and waiting for their return after dusk, with supper ready and our noses pressed against the window.

And, of course, we just couldn't let them get used to our romantic side, so we had them move pieces of furniture (which was my idea, basically) or make small repairs in the house (which pleased Mary to no end), because we found things needed improvement now that there were more of us — and now that there was male muscle power available for free.

It was then that I actually noticed the boyz had begun to talk to each other, aside from laying out the repair plans for the Infiltrator. Cautiously, and often with a touch of patronizing and irony (Qui-Gon) or derision and contempt (Maul), but their show of mutual disdain and rivalry was gradually evolving into a mere game.

Of course, they weren't always working. After all, it was their vacation too. And those were the best days. We enjoyed ourselves immensely. When the boyz weren't too tired, they had taken to practicing, while Mary and I lay on the lawn, purring with pleasure at the beauty of the sight. We rummaged the attic, searching for interesting things, wondering what purpose all those old items may have had in the past. In the evening we sat by the computer, surfing for funny stories, beautiful stories, romantic stories — and the boyz teased each other, looking very pleased with themselves when they thought they looked good, and inserting their comments about their veracity. We teased them endlessly and got back more than our fair share. We learned Jedi-cooking and Sith-cooking — the latter consisted of various interesting and mostly spicy ways of preparing meat under adverse circumstances, while Jedi cuisine seemed to be more diverse. We survived philosophical arguments and lectures on history and ethics and on the role of apple vinegar in the development of repulsor-based transport, as well as one half-hearted fight. We sat by the fire in warm nights, with sausages sizzling over glowing embers and gnats pestering us. Once, very late at night, when Maul could move about without being seen, we went swinging to the neighbour’s garden. We tried to answer the boyz' endless questions about our world and discovered how awfully little we actually knew about it when we tried to explain things to them.

It was another of our long nights by the fire, with schaschlik (alas! it was finished too soon — thanks to Maul, of course) and beer. The night was beautiful, and although all sensible conversation had died down a while ago, somehow we all felt reluctant to go to bed.

"I’ve an idea," I said, "Let’s go swimming!"

Mary shook her head: "Nuts! You know what time it is? It’s two a.m.!"

"That’s the fun," I said. "Boys, are you game?"

Maul's golden eyes burned with enthusiasm and he sprang up at once. The tall Jedi also rose to his feet.

"I’ve got no swimsuit," Mary protested.

I winked to her: "Don’t tell da boyz!" and then whispered, "I bet they don’t either!"

Mary sent me an evil grin.

Maul’s toothy grin was more... ambiguous.


The lakeside was quiet and deserted. Fog drifted over the water; not a bird was heard.

In an instant Maul was out of his clothes and splashed in. I followed suit.

The water was warm — considerably warmer than the cool fresh night air. It felt like soup. My, was it pleasant! Much more fun than during daytime. Had I known it was so much fun I would have gladly forsaken every night’s sleep this summer, just to come here to swim.

I let the water carry my body some distance away and watched, shamelessly, as Mary stepped into the water. With the haze around her, the sloshing of waves in the reeds, and the quiet, it was like a picture of the Creation.

"Qui, are you coming?" I asked. In this sacred scenery my voice sounded like a blasphemy.

Suddenly there were arms all around me, pulling me down. I shrieked, splashed with water, and all the magic was gone, replaced by... um... sheer fun. "Help!" I cried. Laughing, Mary waded to us; then suddenly I was released, Maul emerged from the water and fell over Mary and I was the one who had to save her, and an overall water-war ensued. Even the two of us were not really a match for Maul. Try as we might, we couldn’t sweep him from his feet.

Suddenly he disappeared under water. There was some commotion and kicking, and we quickly moved out of the way, laughing.

The boys’ heads appeared on the surface some distance away. Qui-Gon pushed strands of hair away from his face.

I floated in the water, listening to the slosh-slosh-splash-splash my feet made. Qui-Gon showed some techniques to Mary — I watched how he demonstrated life-saving, holding Mary. Maul did some flashy dives and we tried to tickle his soles, but he always disappeared just as we reached out our hands. Someone had planted a huge tractor tire in the water, so that only its upper end showed, and for a long time we played around it, climbing up and pushing each other down. Then I just stood in this soup, enjoying myself. Warm water up to my chest, moist foggy air in my lungs, and gorgeous bodies all around. What more could I wish for?

Oh, I knew what to wish for — an arm around my waist, a chest to lean my head on, a pair of hands...

I saw Maul and Mary some distance away, talking about something. Maul grinned smugly. Qui-Gon was nowhere to be seen.

Suddenly I felt the usual end of all beautiful moments — deep sadness and regret. And jealousy. And loneliness. Then defiance rose its head. "No way," I thought, feeling somewhat deserted. "I won’t make a fool of myself."

I splashed out of water and put on my clothes, not even bothering to dry myself first.

Alone, I walked towards our house. It was past three o’clock, it was getting lighter already, and the first birds uttered their sleepy greetings.


Aphrodisiac, or Mary’s Lakeside: Mary’s POV

Ack, Sue and her ideas! Sometimes they surprise even me. Well, to be honest, these surprises are for the most part nice things. Like this one. To swim around after midnight naked!

Heavens, it was fun! And it should become even more fun if I could manage a tete-a-tete with my cute striped shadow, I hoped. He helped me — unconsciously — out.

"Mary, I can understand the fascination that is felt for me or perhaps --" here he grinned smugly, "for this longhaired Jedi. But what I definitely cannot buy, is the seriousness of interest in every unimportant character with only a few minutes of screen appearance."

"You refer to my faible for your master?"

"My master is not unimportant."

"That’s what I believe too." I couldn’t hide a delightful smile, although it would prove my calm voice false. The sore spot. A sweet one too, by the way. Let’s see how much pain I can add.

"Very well." He took a deep breath. "Have you ever dreamed about meeting him personally?"

While we were talking, we had nearly crossed the whole lake swimming and arrived now at a corner where some erratic blocks lay in the water. We made ourselves comfortable, leaning against these blocks while resting in the shallow warm water. I took care to keep some distance from my golden-eyed counterpart — just sufficient to feel the presence of his body. We won’t make it too easy, ne?

"Do you know, Maul, this corner of the little lake I like especially. It is so beautiful... oh, well..."

"My question, Mary." He persisted.

"Why? Did you notice that Sue left? Was she upset? Maybe we should go after her."

"If so, Jinn will care for her." Maul’s voice was plain and calm as the lake’s surface had been in the glimpse of a moment after Sue and I had stopped our water battle and waited for the boyz to emerge from their private fight.

"I did not hear him leave..." Do I sense a bit annoyance? Time for the next level of torturing! "Okay, okay. I see. You’re referring to the contradiction between my outspoken interest and the lack of personal fantasies concerning him in my oeuvres as well as my habit of not participating in What-If-I-Met-Him discussions on message boards or elsewhere. However, if his apprentice wishes to challenge my imagination..." I folded my features into standard politeness, similar to the one he wore. "Okay! Lets suppose it happens to me — for some reason only Yoda knows — that I appear before your — beloved — master. It would be in his private suite, granted?"

"Sure." Maul sat a bit more upright.

"We’re alone? Only he and I?"

"Yes." Maul's eyes shone in interest.

"Very well, that leaves us with three possibilities."

"Exactly. Three possibilities."

Maul's voice seemed a bit husky, didn’t it? "And it is not important whether he is just senator or emperor?"

"This would make no difference."

Definitely. He breathed harder. I started: "Well, if he and I should meet as Darth Sidious and Mary, he’d likely scan my mind, take what is of use, and then reduce me to ashes with one look from his eyes — may they be blue or golden."

"Blue or... golden," echoed Maul. "Likely."

Gotcha, no doubt. I continued: "If he and I met as officials — perhaps senator Palpatine — and Mary," I smiled, "he’d probably cry out for the guards to throw me out. I would immediately find myself standing in front of an official building in the streets of Coruscant — scratching my head, pondering how to come home to Earth. If not locked in an interrogation cell." (Maul nodded his agreement.) "Hmm, on second thought, I must say, I’d like it more if he were emperor. I mean, then he’d have these nice red-clad guards..." (Maul puffed up with pride at the mention of the success and glory of the Sith). "On the other hand, I must admit, I like the helmet of the blue ones too..."

"And the third possibility?"

Maul's attention was truly palpable. I took a breath for the grand finale: "Mary meets the MAN Palpatine — or Sidious, if you like. At first he would be disgusted by my appearance. Then he would think, after proper washing I might look quite handsome. He would — be aware, it’s just fantasy — order to deliver me into his private indoor thermal spa."

"I am aware." Maul inserted, running a tongue over his suddenly dry lips.

At this point I let my imagination run wild. "And — maybe — he would personally lend a hand in my cleaning." A dramatic pause. "I descend into the wide pool... no, wait... I am leaning against the wall of the pool — my arms resting on its neatly mosaic-covered edge, to support me and hold me floating, hovering.

"Then your master appears. With his inborn dignity he descends the splendid stairs step by step into the water." I bent to my alertly listening Sith Lord as if sharing a special secret with him. "For this occasion it would be better if I were short-sighted. Then I could curse my fate not to see him clearly until he approaches me. So I would miss a great deal.

"Anyway," I continued, "Your master wouldn't come to meet me. He would stop perhaps in the middle of the pool to demand: 'Let go of the wall.' At the most, his politeness would extend to reaching out a hand to guide me... into his embrace. And what an embrace." A second dramatic pause.

"So tight. Uh, so tight, my lungs are squeezed. And his mouth locks onto mine in a French kiss. He is not greedy, no, no! He does his work slowly, as if the kisses should last for eternities. I cannot free myself from him. Not even as he loosens his embrace and lets his hands slide down my back — not simply slide, I should say— the grip is firm, appropriate for a massage...

"He grabs fiercely my buttocks and presses and rubs my whole body against his. He’s still exploring my mouth. I try to respond. He allows me to. I manage to free an arm, a hand. To catch his penis, which must be hard, is hard indeed. He refuses. I run my right knee very slowly up along the outer side of his left thigh. The hair on his skin tickles me. As I pass his hip, I continue my movement, wrapping my leg around his bottom — as if he was a tree and I would climb him. He takes the invitation... or do I guide him through between his hip and my thigh?

"Anyway, his hand is in my fur, examining, searching. He finds the cleft, tracing it with his fingertip. Parting it eventually with two fingers, first the outer lips, then the inner. Again examining, searching. Until he finds his target, the fleshy pearl, the clit. Why do his caresses make me wish to flee and at the same moment wish he would come in? Anyway, he does as I wish, almost. Inserts one finger, two, three... more. And does even more, leaves my vagina to insert his fingers into my anus. I feel the urge to press myself against his forearm. Riding on it, my clit rubbing against his skin, a plea: Why don’t you come in? I would penetrate you if I could. Why are you separated from me?"

I lifted a hand out of the warm water into the fresh nightly air. "The moment your master penetrates me eventually, we both shiver from a sudden flash of ice, running through our veins. We're no longer separated." I must admit, I had no clue what was the meaning of Maul's recent grimace. "Suddenly it feels like we're in the eye of a hurricane. The water, the room, everything is revolving around us high speed. By the way, have you ever had this feeling of recognizing the whole web of blood vessels and nerves in your partner’s body?"

"Stop this romantic crap!" Maul growled, snatched my left leg, pulled and turned me. Maul aroused? Aroused — this word could hardly describe the mood of my lover. Damn, he was a beast! He mounted me from behind, in fact, rammed himself into me, his hips hammering a fast rhythm on my buttocks. The first time in my life I was wishing the guy would come early, just to prevent me from getting drowned. Well, I must admit from the very beginning his hands supported my body, holding me above the water’s surface, and for all his forcefulness he was not unrewarding. Easily we were beyond any limit, crying out our lust into the peaceful briar patches.

Finally, exhausted, we let the warm waves caress our still entangled bodies. The Sith Lord deemed me worthy to be the recipient of another of his skills, gathering me in his arms for a gentle afterplay. It was no act of shame or regret, just paying playful and tender attention to my fingers, hands, arms, neck, back, breasts, sides, belly, thighs... I loved it and responded with letting my fingertips trace every visible line of the pattern on his skin. As I extended my excursion on his head, circling his horns, Maul closed his eyes. In the way he opened his mouth slightly and took a deep breath, I read a wish for more. Now it was definitely my turn again.

"You like this, don’t you?" I changed from massaging mode to sucking mode.

"Yesss." Maul hissed in rapture. "That's a detail you and... ahh... go ahead... your friends in the internet aren't ... wrong about... Mary!... more please... although it isn't laid down by Mr. Lucas..." He almost managed a chuckle and then his voice faded into a soft moan.

Continuing my caresses again only with my fingers, I stated, "But your master seemed to be a nice aphrodisiac too."

"Mmh…Not a word about my master."

"Hmmm." My fingers continued their dance along the swirling lines of red and black. I stopped on his soft lower lip, where the red marks looked like blood gushing out of his mouth, before returning to the narrow red rings of slightly raised soft skin surrounding his horns. "I just wanted to ask about you tattoos. Did he create them? Was it painful?"

"No more painful than that —" Before I could hinder him, Maul bit heartily into my right breast and said then: "This is the natural colour of my skin, Mary. Nothing tattooed."

"Natural like your horns." I interrupted tickling the sensitive base of his horns and let my hand slide down over his well build chest and flat belly with the trace of the heavy injury — to find him hard again. Carefully I removed his caressing hand from between my thighs and impaled myself. Slowly. Very well, you have a flexible pelvis, I know, but now I’ll show you mine.

It was a wonderful timeless game. Probably we didn’t understand half of the tender words we exchanged in our native languages. And this half was too choked by kisses. However, in every touch with a single finger there was more understanding than in whatever words we might have said.

Later I came back to my trashy fantasy: "I owe you the rest of the encounter between your master and me." Maul seemed about to protest, but I continued. "After the climax, when the rotation has come to an end — I still a bit dazed, leaning against his chest, his arms very tight around me — I hear your master’s voice in an indescribable mixture of forceful domination and cheerful amazement, saying, ‘After I’ve patted you dry, I’ll bring you to my bed.’ I must grin, my face still hidden on his chest."

"Finished. Good. Keep it that way," he replied, satisfied. I wondered just how much he had been disturbed by my fantasies, and why. What exactly was his relationship with his master? "And I hope we’ll find Sue and Jinn in bed too, when we arrive," my horn-crowned lover added.

I was back on earth. "You’re right. I’d feel guilty in a way, if that weren't the case."


When The Jedi Act Crazy: Sue’s POV

I was nearly at the gate when I was overtaken by Qui-Gon. "Hello there," he said and gave me an easy, reassuring smile. As we passed our fireplace in the yard, he picked up a couple of beers that were still lying about among the remnants of our barbecue. "Will you join me, Sue?" Placing a hand on my back, he guided me to the glass veranda and planted me on a bench.

"Going to swim was a marvelous idea," he said, opening a bottle, then handing it to me. "I’ve never did anything so carefree, so... crazy. I must admit that I enjoyed it."

"The Jedi aren’t supposed to act crazy," I said.

"True." And an arm was wrapped around my shoulders. "In this sense our young Sith seems to have an advantage."

I remembered Mary and Maul's voices and easy laugh. I smiled. "You aren't jealous by any chance, are you, Jedi?"

"Me?" A pair of most innocent blue eyes met mine. "Force, no!" Then he gave me one of those lovely crooked smiles of his. We took turns at the beer, until suddenly his mouth descended onto mine. He brushed lightly over my lips, his beard tickling my cheek. Then he pulled back for a moment, watching my reaction.

"Beautiful," he whispered, and kissed me again. I opened my lips almost automatically, and suddenly his tongue was in my mouth, teasing, exploring. When he pulled away, I was almost disappointed. I leaned my head against his shoulder. A bird chirped in the lilac bushes behind the house.

"It’s too late to go to bed now, don’t you think? Or rather, too early." He pulled me close and I rested my cheek against his body. His bare body. He hadn't bothered to put on his tunics after swimming. I drank in the smell of him – male musk, mixed very attractively with the scents of the lake – water, algae, foggy morning. My eyes fluttered shut. This was paradise.

He took my hand and lifted it, kissing every finger, then pressing his lips to the palm. I let my fingers roam in his beard.

"Your hands, Sue," he said, then pressed another kiss in my palm. "Your beautiful hands. They are so good. They work magic. You don't know how good your massages felt." I felt his lips move against my skin when he spoke. When I turned up to look at his face, there was a glint of humour in his eyes. "I hear that would be another thing which I and the Sith would agree upon."

"Oh. I probably should have acted on it." I didn't bother to change my comfortable position. Sleep was threatening to overpower me. His hands caressed me through the soft fabric of my tunic. I felt my nipples harden.

"You feel so good." He brushed hair away from my face and caressed my cheek, smiling.

"Mm-hmm. I think I’m gonna sleep," I mumbled. "I’m gonna sleep for a long time."

Then I pushed myself away from him and rose to go.

He took my hand, pulled me back to his lap and asked silently, looking at me with his blue eyes: "Will you share your bed with me tonight?"

A wave of heat rushed through me. I hid my face on his shoulder. "If it pleases you."

He chuckled, running his fingers through my hair. "Oh yes. I think it pleases me very much."


Eye for Eye, Tooth for Tooth: Mary’s POV

When we returned, it was light already. I thought I should be worried that some early riser could see Maul, but I was too happy to let myself be concerned. We held hands as we walked, and the knowledge that Maul was naked under his cloak — he carried his clothes in a bundle in his other hand — made me tingle. He scowled at me and made a deep growling sound. I growled back. He growled again. I laughed. Then we kissed once again. And again after a few moments. Who could tell how many kissing stops we had to make? I vaguely felt that the way home had never been longer, and yet it was too soon that we found ourselves at the gates.

"You know what," Maul said, closing the gate, "I’m gonna take you with me when I leave."

"What will your master say," I teased.

"Oh, shut up."

On the veranda I almost tripped over an empty beer bottle. I cursed everybody who drank beer and failed to clean up afterwards, earning an amused chuckle from Maul. The yard was still littered from the night before.

We heard voices and soft laughter from the next room. "Sue, you still awake?" I shouted and peeped in. Two heads disappeared under the blanket.

"Ooops. Sorry..." I retired politely. Maul, however, was in the mood for action. He pushed past me, refusing to let me close the door.

"Jinn!" he shouted to the pile of blankets.

There was no reaction at first.

"Jinn, come out. I know you’re here."

A clearly irritated Jedi head appeared. "What?"

Maul smirked and cocked his head — after all he had managed to shake Qui’s perpetual calm. "Perhaps you could use a 'Do Not Disturb' sign?"

For a moment the Jedi stared at him in confusion, then remembered the way he had walked in the other couple. "Force!" he groaned. "And you need to fly in here like this to tell me that?!? Go! Vanish! Get lost!" And shouted, mind you, shouted, as Maul turned to leave: "And close the door! From the other side."

I heard Sue giggle: "You’re out of control, Qui."

On the way into Maul’s room I came to the conclusion that Qui-Gon would probably now show my dear Sue what it feels like to have an out-of-control Jedi in your bed. I grinned.

Maul stopped by the working table where some intricate parts and schemes were laid out. "May old Bane fuck that Jinn," he grumbled. "He should never have touched the Infiltrator. It’s a wonder he managed to land in one piece. But what else can you expect from a Jedi." And he sat on the edge of his bed.

"That bad?" I reached out and scratched one of his horns.

"Worse," he agreed, shamelessly leaning into my touch.

I jumped on his lap, straddling him, threw arms around his neck and pushed him down to his back. "But you're good," I purred, "and not only with ships."

He put hands on my hips and I wiggled. He growled.

"Wanna put me to test?" he said, pushing my robe down over my shoulders. Then he rolled over, so that now I was under him, lying on my back, and he kneeled between my legs. "Do you have some other fantasies? About me perhaps?"

"About you? Only pure, naked reality," I said, getting his buttocks into a firm grip to direct him to where I thought his reality would match nicely.

"Oh, Mary. Will you scream again like you did in the lake...?"

I smiled slyly. "Only if you roar like you did. Or do you mind the Jedi knight next door hearing you?"

"Jedi knight?" Maul laughed. "Just how low do you think I can go?"


The following breakfast — lunch actually — was definitely an interesting affair. I watched the boys and winked to Sue. We shared a secret smile, thinking the same thing: both men seemed to feel like alpha males, very pleased with themselves, as they overlooked their pride of females. Maul was his usual smug self, Qui-Gon’s Jedi serenity was replaced by something that looked more like ease — another kind of smugness.

"You seem too happy for your own good," Maul taunted the other man over his glass of water — he still hadn't learned to appreciate coffee. "Beware! Passion is the path to the Dark Side!"

Qui-Gon rolled his broad shoulders. "When I have you before my eyes here all the time, I certainly needn’t worry about the Dark Side."

"By the way," I asked, "How is your today’s work schedule?"

The Jedi looked at the Sith.

"Well," Maul scratched his head, "it is late. Even if we leave immediately, we’ll have barely three hours of daylight for the work." He looked back at the Jedi questioningly.

"We could sleep there and start working tomorrow with the first light — if you really think we should make up for the time lost today." Qui-Gon shrugged unintentionally.

Maul snorted. "What a practical idea, Jinn," he said not very enthusiastically.

I could hardly bit back a laugh — oh, these dutiful knights! Neither of them dared to be the first to speak the word of salvation: the ship could wait. Sue sent me a broad smile of understanding and said, "If you ask me, I wouldn’t let you go."

I also gave my share to push the thing in the right direction: "You’re behind with my martial arts training, Maul." In response, my lover's eyes gleamed in pleasant anticipation.

"I am sure you also have a task for me, Sue," Qui-Gon smiled and laid his hand on Sue’s. Ah, the ever-perceptive Jedi Master.


End of chapter seven. What will happen next?

Darth Maul stood, leaning casually against the frame of the backroom door, his well-muscled biceps and strong forearms crossed over a mighty, bare red and black chest. The unblinking stare of his yellow eyes was a wordless declaration of war. The man sitting on the sofa didn’t move. A rabbit incarnate, watching his approaching doom, the snake.