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12 August 2011


Nothing but a Job  Rated R. Long before the production of clones started at Kamino, Darth Maul teams up with a female trooper to do a hit job for his master. (PDF file so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.) By saphsaq.


17 December 2010

Poor me!  Rated PG. Who was the master, and who the apprentice? (PDF file so make sure you have Adobe Acrobat Reader.) By saphsaq.

29 January 2006

The Enemy Of My Enemy: Rated NC-17. Two great warriors meet - Eowyn, Lady Of The Shield Arm, and Maul, Dark Lord Of The Sith. A true meeting of light and dark. By Ningloreth. The first story of 2006.


15 November 2005

Sidekick Therapy. A story featuring not only Maul, but a host of some of our other favourite characters. Read about the super heroes who end up in therapy, thanks to the stresses of playing second fiddle to a larger (and more devious) personality. A collaborative fanfic by Team Tangent. (Phoenix' website.)

03 March 2005

Sweet, Savage, Sith. The blockbuster romance in the old style, with a flavour of Shakespeare, by Darth Krispies, Sooty, and DMEB-2 volunteers. Part 2 here.

19 September 2004

Contingency #2 - Daddy's Girl: Rated R.  Alternate History (same as Contingency #1) In which Emperor Skywalker, master of the Balanced Path, brings in a dark tutor to teach his Jedi-trained daughter another side of the Force. By Darth Krispies.

Contingency #3 - Educating Leia: Rated R.  Alternate History (same as Contingency 1 & 2) Events of the same day as “Daddy’s Girl”, from Maul’s point of view. By Darth Krispies.

Contingency #4 - Fairy Tale: Rated NC-17.  Pull on your Dr. Dentons, kiddies, grab a mug of cocoa with mini-marshmallows, and settle down while Mother Krispies retells a familiar old story with a Star Wars twist. By Darth Krispies.

30 August 2004

Contingency #1: The Wages of Sith: Rated PG-13. An alternate history story. Thirty-five years after the Duel of the Fates ended in a draw, the three opponents meet again for a final pissing match. By Darth Krispies.

A Walk InThe Park: Rated NC-17. In which our heroine discovers that being the best in her field doesn't mean squat when she's sent after a certain dark stranger who happens to be the best in his. By Darth Krispies.

Selection from William Shakespeare’s “Celestial Battles: A Fantom Menyce" Rated PG-13. The balcony scene from TPM, as writ by the Bard of Avon himself (In Iambic Pentmeter) By Darth Krispies.

23 August 2004

The Speeder Bike: Rated R. Lord Sidious has an appointment for his little apprentice - to learn driving is included. As well as some madness and poetry of Exar Kun. By saphsaq.

13 March 2004

Mary & Sue - Part 8:  Rated NC-17. because it closely follows chapter seven, and concerns serious issues, such as jealousy, code questions, and special Jedi-arts. Co-written by Mary & Sue.

Epilogue For a Zabrak - Part 1: Rated PG-13.  A story of Darth Maul's life with all its mysteries and rituals, from his early childhood till his death, and beyond. By Maaike.

15 February 2004

Mary & Sue - Part 5:  Rated PG. where the Sith gets Jedi training, and vice versa. Co-written by Mary & Sue

Mary & Sue - Part 6:  Rated PG. and concerning spaceships, strawberries, and a lot of foolishness. Co-written by Mary & Sue

Mary & Sue - Part 7:  Rated NC-17. because it is chapter sex. Co-written by Mary & Sue

The Legend Of Theed Palace: Rated PG.  Something is haunting the halls of Theed Palace. A fantasy by Lady Elaine.

The Third: Rated PG-13. Darth Maul knows that Sidious means to get rid of him in favor for a new apprentice so in secret, Maul trains his own. The apprentice then must face her most diificult task yet. If she fails it could cost both her and Maul's lives. By Raptress.

29 July 2003

Carambolage.  Rated NC-17  A tale of loyalty and courage. By saphsaq.

Mary & Sue - part 4.  Rated PG. where Sue and Mary come to some revelations about vacation, horntips and pigs! Co-written by Mary, & Sue

Vengeance - Part 1: Rated PG  The consort of Lord Maul vows vengeance, after his untimely death. Authored by Lady Sythe, co-writer Maaike.

Vengeance - Part 2: Rated PG  A cunning trap is set for Maul's killers. Authored by Lady Sythe, co-writer Maaike.

Vengeance - Part 3: Rated PG  The consort of Lord Maul executes the first part of her revenge. Authored by Lady Sythe, co-writer Maaike.

Vengeance - Part 4: Rated NC-17  The consort of Lord Maul executes the next part of her revenge. Authored by Lady Sythe, co-writer Maaike.

Vengeance - Part 5: Rated NC-17  The spirit of Lord Maul visits his consort in a very tangible manner. Authored by Lady Sythe, co-writer Maaike.

Vengeance - Part 6: Rated NC-17  Maul has survived, and revenge is sweet! Authored by Lady Sythe, co-writer Maaike.

17 May 2003

The Sith And The Maiden - Part 4:  Rated NC-17. Darth Maul persuades his Jedi woman to open her mind and spririt to him, using the ancient Sith principles of Dun Moech. By Dark Lady.

06 March 2003

Christmas: Rated NC-17  A Christmas wish comes true... By Maaike.

23 February 2003

The Sith And The Maiden - Part 3:  Rated NC17. Darth Maul, and the woman fate has chosen for him, commence with Sidious' great experiment. By Dark Lady.

03 February 2003

Mary & Sue - Part 3.  Rated PG. Where Sue and Mary learn more about honourable Jedi Masters and persistent Sith Lords. Co-written by Mary & Sue.

24 December 2002

The Gift: Rated NC-17.  Maul receives gifts from his mentor, Sidious. There is a book, and some new boots. By Dark Lady.

30 November 2002

SPEB Round Robin: Rated PG-13. Multi-authored work created by contributors to SPEB, which describes how Maul's master turned to the Dark Side. authors are Ide Cyan, Lady Selinthia, MaulsMate, saphsaq/Erik Böge, Darth Crone, Sith Lady, Chemist.

Yuuzhan: Rated NC-17.  The Yuuzhan Vong make their first incursions into Galactic space, and Maul meets them. By Dark Lady.

10 November 2002

Mary & Sue - Part 1:  Rated PG.  Warning! This is the classical Mary Sue at its best, so of course, the story will follow all rules of classical marysuedom, which means, there are some hot Force-boys, some absolutely irresistible Earth-girls (what did you think? Why would we want to write about being ugly, stupid and in general unremarkable?), some action, some funny stuff, some hot stuff, and a whole lot of general silliness. But it is not humour -- marysuedom is a serious business. By Mary & Sue.

Mary & Sue - Part 2:  Rated PG. Where Mary reveals her pancake trick and another guest invites himself in his typical forceful (yet this time Force-less) manner. By Mary & Sue.

Cyclone: Rated NC-17. An interlude between ep.1 and ep.2 in a slightly alternate universe (filthy Manga-cut). By saphsaq.

Mother Of Maul: Rated R. The mother of Darth Maul goes in search of her stolen child. By Maaike.

27 October 2002

The Long, Dead, and Black Sea Rated PG. The night before the battle of Naboo, Darth Maul has a disturbing premonition, and is forced to come to terms with the likelihood of his death. By BeElleGee.

23 October 2002

For All Eternity - Part 4: Rated NC-17.  Sidous binds the couple in a Sith ceremony. By Maaike.

For All Eternity - Part 5: Rated NC-17.  The Dark side takes control. By Maaike.

For All Eternity - The End: Rated PG.  Where the Dark Side relents. By Maaike.

18 September 2002

The Phantom Men Ass: Rated R.  A long time ago in a small California town, a parody was created... By MaryCheetah.

Dreaming - Part 1: Rated NC-17.  Sidious has a plan to mate his daughter, Banou, with Lord Maul. Romance. By Sirena.

15 July 2002

Trespassing: Rated PG. Pre TPM.As part of his training, Maul is allowed to mingle with Coruscant's political elite at a party held in Palpatine's honor and "meets" a woman who is interested in more than his political views. By BeElleGee.

08 July 2002

Karma Suitra: Rated NC-17.  Maul is to be married tomorrow, and Sidious gives him a book, entititled 'The Karma Suitra'. By Dark Lady.

07 July 2002

The Slavewoman: Rated NC-17. Sidious buys a woman for Maul. By Darth Gunn.

Compassion - Part 1: Rated PG-13. Sidious captures two Jedi for Maul, and the young girl shows compassion for Maul's state. By BeElleGee.

Compassion - Part 2: Rated PG-13. Sidious' expectations bear fruit. By BeElleGee.

30 June 2002

Sins Of The Brother: Rated PG. Maul invites his brother to join him. By MaulMaus.

16 June 2002

A Celebration: Rated PG.  Emperor Palpatine assigns Darth Maul a task of stupefying tedium, protecting a group of rather extraordinary women. Inspired by DMEB2 and Celebration 2. By Dark Lady.

02 June 2002

The Making Of The Chain:  Rated NC-17. A chain with special powers is commissioned from a magician, who works in metals. By Forge Master.

23 April 2002

For All Eternity - Part 3: Rated NC-17.  Maul and Aicha are bound together in the manner of the Sith. By Maaike

01 April 2002

Maul Takes A Break. Rated PG-13. Maul decides to take a short holiday. Inspired by the Celebration thread on the message board. By Krisse.

The Sith And The Maiden - part 2:  Rated R. Darth Maul expedites matters with the Jedi Knight, Hanshara Sinn-Tau. By Dark Lady.

16 March 2002

The Sith And The Maiden - part 1:  Rated PG-13. A chronicle of the events prior to the blockade of Naboo. This part concerns the fall of the Sith Apprentice, Darth Maul, into another state of being. By Dark Lady.

24 February 2002

You Never Will: Rated NC-17. You will never know this Maul, the evil monster that Sidious created. Maul perfects his skills of interrogation, coercion and torture on a human woman who thinks she would like to take Maul home with her. Inspired by some message board talk about what Maul would really be like. Not the Maul we normally like to dream about, but rather a sadist in search of his next victim. By Savage.

27 January 2002

Sith Baggage: Rated PG. A Sith Lord has an unlikely task, the evil tentacles of the Sith reach further than you think. By saphsaq.

06 January 2002

The Season for Giving:  Rated NC-17. Maul is stranded on a poverty stricken planet, where he learns of a custom whereby gifts are given. By Dark Lady.

11 November 2001

One For You, One For Me: Rated NC-17.  Sagittarius Nine is in economic trouble, and turns to the Sith for assistance. Maul visits to assure they are following through with the deal and is treated to a bribe of the flesh. By Savage.

27 October 2001

Brothers In Arms: Rated R. Part of the DMEB 'Maul meets Vader' challenge. Palpatine is dead, and Maul rules as Emperor. By Dark Lady.

The Journals: Rated NC-17.  A recently Knighted Jedi becomes bored with her duties and ends up prey for Maul. She tells her story through her journal.

20 October 2001

Afternoon of Destiny: Rated NC-17  One minute she is delivering pizza, four hours later she is 'married' to Maul. Republished. By Blitzen.

Relinquishing Honour: Rated NC-17  Handmaiden Eirtae switches sides. Republished. By Blitzen.

Monsoon - Part 4: Rated PG. (New scene at beginning: Qui-Gon has fun - Maul doesn't approve). By MaulMaus.

Monsoon - Part 5: Rated PG. Elli helps Maul and the Jedi repair the ship. By MaulMaus.

Monsoon - Part 6: Rated PG. Maul takes in the local social life. By MaulMaus.

Monsoon - Part 7: Rated NC-17. Maul claims his 'rights'. By MaulMaus.

The Channel - Section 1: Rated NC-17.  A girl on a backward planet is told she has a special gift. By Darth Nepharia

The Channel - Section 2: Rated NC-17.  The girl finds that her gift is also of interest to the Jedi. By Darth Nepharia.

The Channel - Section 3: Rated NC-17.  Selera enjoys the attentions of both light and dark Jedi. By Darth Nepharia.

The Channel - Section 4: Rated NC-17.  Selera finds that Mauls wants her. By Darth Nepharia.

The Channel - Conclusion: Rated NC-17.  But she weds Obi Wan, only to find... Darth Nepharia.

22 September 2001

Life's Last Sweet Moment: Rated PG-13. Maul comes to the last Death Star disguised as a stormtrooper to ask for Vader's help in destroying the Emperor. He must convince Vader to assist him without revealing his true plan to the new Apprentice. The first reply to the Duel Of The Faith Challenge. By Savage.

05 September 2001

For All Eternity - Part 1: Rated NC-17.  Lord Maul is betrothed to Princess Aicha by order of his Master. Both must come to terms with the reality of the situation. By Maaike.

For All Eternity - Part 2: Rated NC-17.  Aicha finds favour in Maul's eyes, as he realises that she is stronger than she appears. By Maaike.  

Amuses Geules: Rated R. Maul uses a hairbrush. By Dark Lady.

19 August 2001

Monsoon - Part 1: Rated PG. The first part of a continuing series. Darth Maul, pursued by the Jedi, crash lands on earth and must work with the despised Jedi to return to civilized space with the assistance of some locals. Unexpected relationships develop. In Part 1, Qui-Gon and Obi-Wan enlist the aid of some local women after pursuing Darth Maul to earth. In his weakened state, Maul is soon discovered and decisions must be made. With links to an illustrated version. By MaulMaus

Monsoon - Part 2: Rated PG. Maul begins to heal and agrees to work with the Jedi in repairing his ship, in order to return to Coruscant. Obstacles start appearing almost immediately. By MaulMaus.

Monsoon - Part 3: Rated PG. The guests discover how they are known and Maul finds that not everyone is in awe of him. By MaulMaus.

Monsoon - Part 4: Rated PG. Elli returns to find Maul watching her and teasing her. By MaulMaus.

14 August 2001

Bitter Fruit: Rated R. Sidious teaches Maul a lesson about pain. By Apochryphion.

Dark Passions: Rated NC-17. A young woman held captive on a Hutt-controlled world finds herself in the hands of a dark stranger. Has she traded one sort of imprisonment for another? Or has she found the love of her life? By Belle.

Dark Passions Revisited: Rated NC-17.  Silvra finds herself drawn to Naboo, the site of her beloved's demise. Once there, she finds a surprise that will change her life again. By Belle.

On The Beach: Rated NC-17. Maul has an encounter on a deserted beach. With links to an illustrated version. By Fettsgal.

15 July 2001

Thorn: Rated NC-17. At Sidious’ instruction, Maul takes a woman for the first time. By Darth Gunn.

Servant To The Sith - Part 1: Rated PG-13.  When Sidious orders Maul to take a slave on a mission he thinks she will just be in the way.  Soon he discovers she is more useful than he thought. By Savage.

Servant To The Sith - Part 2: Rated NC-17.  Part 2. By Savage.

Servant To The Sith - Part 3: Rated NC-17.  Part 3. By Savage.

07 July 2001

The Chain: Rated NC-17. The link of a chain symbolises Maul. Part of the DMEB ‘Ritual’ challenge. By saphsaq.

17 June 2001

Beloved: Rated PG. Maul Returns to his Lady on Coruscant after a long mission. By MaulMaus.

The Chain: Rated R.  Maul breathes life into an old chain.  Part of the DMEB ‘Ritual’ challenge. By Dark Lady.

The Cup: Rated PG.  Sidious has created a clone of Maul, so  that Maul may continue to serve his Master even after death.  By ZP Florian.

The Gift: Rated R.  Maul creates a clone of himself for his mother.  Part of the DMEB ‘Family’ challenge.  By ZP Florian.

The Halqua: Rated PG.  Lord Sidious needs to get rid of an errant apprentice and seeks assistance from ancient Sith Lords.  By Red.

Invitation To The Dance: Rated NC-17.  Palpatine calls Maul back from the dead to perform an unpleasant task. By Dark Lady.

The Quill: Rated G.  Maul becomes a Sith Lord and receives the last of his tattoos.  Part of the DMEB ‘Ritual’ challenge. By MaulMaus.

Sabre!: Rated PG-13.  A teenage Khameir Sarin undertakes the ritual of making a light sabre. By Dark Lady.

Shadows:  Rated G. A very young child meets Palpatine. By Dark Lady.

Take Me to Korriban: Rated PG-13.  Rituals at two significant points of Maul’s apprenticeship.  By Red. (Revised 27 January 2002)

Tooth Of The Bear: Rated PG.  Where a young child shows his talent with the Force for the first time.  Part of the DMEB ‘Family’ challenge.  By Dark Lady.

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