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You can read the complete collection of all four Maul challenges on ZP Florian’s site - The Darth Side. (Warning: This site contains material intended for mature audiences )

Duel of the Faith

Brothers In Arms: Rated R. Part of the DMEB 'Maul meets Vader' challenge. Palpatine is dead, and Maul rules as Emperor. The Empire is harried by invaders from beyond the galaxy, and Maul must ask Vader to use his skills as a general. By Dark Lady.

Life's Last Sweet Moment: Rated PG-13. Maul comes to the last Death Star disguised as a stormtrooper to ask for Vader's help in destroying the Emperor.  He must convince Vader to assist him without revealing his true plan to the new Apprentice. By Savage.

Sith Rites and Rituals

The Chain: Rated NC-17. The link of a chain symbolises Maul. By saphsaq.

The Chain: Rated R.  Maul breathes life into an old chain.  By Dark Lady.

The Cup: Rated PG.  Sidious has created a clone of Maul, so that Maul may continue to serve his Master even after death. By ZP Florian.

The Halqua:  Rated PG.  Lord Sidious needs to get rid of an errant apprentice and seeks assistance from ancient Sith Lords. By Redone.

The Making Of The Chain:  Rated NC-17. A chain with special powers is commissioned from a magician, who works in metals. By Forge Master.

The Quill: Rated G.  Maul becomes a Sith Lord and receives the last of his tattoos. By MaulMaus.

Challenges: Maul's Family

Sins of the Brother: Rated PG. Maul invites his brother to join him. By MaulMaus.

The Gift: Rated R.  Maul creates a clone of himself for his mother.  By ZP Florian.

Tooth Of The Bear: Rated PG.  Where a young child shows his talent with the Force for the first time.  By Dark Lady.

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