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Bea T Kay

Bea T Kay is a respected author writing fan-fiction and fiction for ‘zines for over ten years now.  She has offered much assistance to developing writers over the last few years and has actively encouraged new talent where she has found it.

Her Maul fiction suggested a universe where life was hard for the youngster known as Khameir Sarin.  His home world, Iridonia, was harsh and brutal, and where vicious predators lurked, hoping to make a meal of the unwary.

Beatkay said “I write fan-fiction because I want to see further explorations of these characters. Regarding SW Maul fanfic, Lucas has offered very little appealing canon on this Sith Lord and what he's given us is an unbonded sociopathic. Yes, I do see that Maul is angry, but beneath that anger, IMO, is a poignant sadness. And that‘s what I tend to write about with him.”


Unfortunately, Beatkay has asked for her beautiful stories to be removed from this site. This is a pity. Not only are they good stories, but they provide good examples of the craft of writing.

The only consolation is that other sites have been requested to remove them, as well. Perhaps, one day, we will be able to post them again.


Although you can no longer read her stories, BeaTKay has written an article , “Writers and Beta Readers: Co-Creators in Fan-Fiction” which appears on our Writing Page. In it, she explains the roles of writers and beta readers, and how they can work together to create better fan-fiction.

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